Work #2023 in Unreal Engine 5 | Interior in Unreal Engine

#unrealengine5 #interiordesign #animationvideo
Hi All,
I’m very happy to announce my new product. The project seamlessly integrates Revit modeling with UE5 software, which is powered by the Lumen engine. After the integration process, the final product is rendered and edited using DaVinci and Adobe Premiere software. I will continue to develop this work in the future and would be thrilled if you all could follow along.

* Software: Unreal Engine, Revit, DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere.
* Music :
– 🌿 Music provided by Dreamhop Music:
– Positive Vibes Music 🍀 Chill music to put you in a good mood | Chill beats | Lofi hiphop