AU 2023 class materials: Channeling Minecraft to Analyze Architectural Spaces with VASA and Dynamo

The recordings and other materials prepared for the two classes I helped present at AU 2023 are now available online.

In today’s post I’ll point you to the first class, entitled "Channeling Minecraft to Analyze Architectural Spaces with VASA and Dynamo". This one was one of the first sessions of AU 2023, and had a very good crowd in attendance.

Here are a few photos from the live session. Thanks again to Fernando Malard for snapping them.

Getting started

Introducing our Research ThemesKean talking voxelization

Showing VASA with Tandem

I already posted a quick summary of the content (without audio) – here that is again.

Here is the material posted for the class on the AU website:

Class recording

Presentation slides


Do bear in mind that the class recording was prepared some time before the in-person delivery: there are some demos – particularly relating to Autodesk Forma – that evolved quite a bit after the recording was made. Information has been posted on this blog about those additional capabilities, though.

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