AU 2023 Day 3

The last day of AU started, once again with me checking out the Sphere. I have to say that since the Las Vegas Grand Prix has been getting really close the quality of the content has become a bit meh, at least from my perspective. (I think I really like the AI-based art rather than endless commercials for brands I don't care about.)F1 hits the SphereThe expo opened earlier on Day 3 – at 10am – and with no general sessions to compete with the flow of people to the stand – and the participation in the study – was very steady throughout.

Busy on the stand

Getting folks kitted up

A participant walking aboutA nice surprise was being able to catch up with Bill Gordon. Bill works for a market research company but when I first met him he was Autodesk’s country manager for Africa. He welcomed me to South Africa back in 1997 (I know this because Tony Blair was elected during the course of the trip) to deliver a WorkCenter API training in Midrand. Bill took really good care of me (and actually got me out of a scrape or two… I was young) so I’m very glad to get to thank…

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