Create isolated workset views | Parametric Monkey

To visually verify that Revit elements are on their correct workset, it is often advantageous to have a 3D view that isolates a single workset in visibility graphics. This method makes finding and rectifying incorrectly assigned elements much easier than the out-of-the-box workset display mode. The problem, however, is that this can be time-consuming to set up. Additionally, the view’s visibility graphics must be updated every time a new workset is added to the model.

Worksharing Display Setting
Revit’s workset display mode

Creating isolated workset views with Dynamo

To solve this issue, Parametric Monkey has developed a Dynamo graph, available as part of our Dynamo Package Development service. The graph will create new 3D views for each workset and set its visibility graphics to only show that workset. But best of all, if isolated workset views have already been created, the graph will update these, eliminating the need for any view deletion. The graph is best combined with our assign…

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