Fall Colors and Halloween Fun in Central Oregon Cascades

Hey there, friends and Between the Lines blog readers!

I just had to share my recent escapades in the heart of the Central Oregon Cascades. If you haven’t experienced autumn here, you’re missing out on a spectacle of nature. This year, the fall colors have been nothing short of breathtaking, but only a short period as we have already had snow. The entire landscape seems to have painted itself in a vibrant palette of reds, oranges, and golds.


And speaking of golds, have you ever seen larch trees in the fall? It’s a sight to behold! Unlike most conifers (pine trees), larch trees go through a unique performance every autumn. These beauties turn a mesmerizing shade of yellow before they shed their pine needles. It’s like nature’s way of giving a standing ovation before the curtain falls.

Halloween in the neighborhood was an absolute blast this year! The streets were buzzing with kids in creative costumes, pumpkins glowing at most doorsteps, and the spirit of spookiness in the air. There…

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