Final preparations for AU 2023

On Wednesday I’ll be flying out to San Francisco for some meetings ahead of Autodesk University 2023 in Las Vegas. It’ll actually be quite nice not to be completely jet-lagged for the first two days of the conference – although as my first class is at 8am on Monday morning it wouldn’t be the worst thing to be a bit jet-lagged, honestly.

Things are coming together, although there’s still some work to be done: From Steps to Stories is debuting tonight in Toronto, so we’ll have a good sense of any issues with the larger-scale exhibit ahead of it coming to Vegas.

Here’s another sneak peek of some of what you can expect to see. It’s going to be great! (Remember: come find us at Booth #1222, it’s nice and easy to remember.)

Ray driving From Steps to Stories at The Bentway during setup

We’ve ordered some fun goodies to give to participants, i.e. people who don a special headset and wander around the Expo capturing data for 20-30 minutes. Hopefully everything will arrive properly at the Expo, as planned.

For my two classes, the…

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