Place views on sheets with Dynamo

Setting up sheets and placing views onto them is necessary for documenting any project. Depending on your preference, there are generally two methods to achieve this in Revit. The first is to create multiple empty sheets (View > Sheet Composition > Sheet) and then retrospectively place the views on the associated sheet. Since the release of Revit 2022, this process has been made somewhat more manageable with the ability to ‘duplicate empty sheet’ and hence retain all of the sheet’s properties. Even if the sheet creation process is automated, such as our Sheets from Excel Dynamo graph, manually placing views onto the sheet is still very manual.

The second method involves creating the sheet and placing the views automatically onto the sheet at the time of creation. For example, if an assembly has been created (Modify > Create > Create Assembly), the assembly’s views and sheets can automatically be created, and the views placed onto the sheet. However, the problem is…

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