Settling into the holiday spirit

It feels good to be easing into the end of the year after a hectic – but fantastic – AU 2023.

For me it started with the Autodesk Switzerland holiday gathering in Bern.Autodesk Switzerland holiday gatheringI was able to catch up with Jeremy Tammik, who I’m happy to say is recovering very well after a 6m (!) fall.Kean and Jeremy

The week after I was invited along to the Lausanne Christmas Market for some hot wine and fondue with the team – and other fellow interviewees – from the Conversation Constructive podcast. (My episodes will be airing in the new year, in case you speak French and want a good laugh.)

Fonduing in Lausanne

Within our Research team we had a really fun virtual escape game. It was really a blast.

Many of the HCBD team trying to escape

We’ve had some unseasonal (these days, anyway) early snow in the area, which definitely adds some magic.Holiday spirit in Neuchatel

Which also means the ski resorts are open earlier than usual. Last Friday I headed up with my son to Adelboden (despite heavy snow, forgotten chains and a landslide-induced detour) and had the mountain to ourselves on the Saturday (it…

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