Autodesk Founder John Walkers GPTs on Autodesk History

Autodesk founder John Walker published his own GPT last week. This GPT is for learning about the startup History of a Startup and  is based on his Autodesk File publication.

“The Autodesk File” is the history of Autodesk, Inc. from concept, formation, through its first ten years, told in original documents collected, edited, and annotated by Autodesk co-founder and former chairman and CEO John Walker. This GPT answers questions based on the book.”


This GPT does tend to timeout on me occasionally, but I suspect it is due to the amount of data it has to search in the Autodesk File to provide the answer.

You do need the basic paid OpenAI ChatGPT Plus subscription to use the power of GPT, and at $20 a month currently, I find it worth it.

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