Come and build a Forma extension in Oslo

Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. I hope that those of you who had time off enjoyed it to the max: I certainly did. Mixing metaphors gratuitously, I’m now back in the saddle and trying hard to get my head back in the game.

Here’s a fun topic to get the year started: Håvard Høiby from the Forma team has posted about an event that’s coming up in Oslo from February 13-14, 2024. It’s called an Extendathon: a public Hackathon (although it’s actually more similar in concept to an APS Accelerator) for people to come and build Extensions for Forma. I’ll be flying across to Oslo to join, too – my first time in the city in over 25 years!

In his blog post, Håvard talks about some extensions the Forma team built in a recent internal Extendathon (which sounds like it was a lot of fun). Here’s a quick animation showing some of them in action – for more detailed videos and descriptions I suggest heading over to Håvard’s post.

Forma Extensions

What’s really cool is that the team…

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