In 2002 the Zimbabwe economy was in
terrible trouble. Work was hard to come by and we found ourselves doing mostly
quick concept designs that never got off the ground.

This proposal for a Medical Centre in Borrowdale Brook
went further than most but eventually foundered. It captures a period when I
was keeping several applications open on my task bar and switching between
them. True multi-tasking in Windows NT4 seemed like a big breakthrough.


A couple of years later, I switched over to doing
almost everything in Revit. If I was a bit younger probably I would be going
through another period of agile switching back and forth. (Rhino, Dynamo, Twin
Motion, Mid Journey, whatever) But I realised during Covid that there were
other things I wanted to do with my spare time rather than learning new
software packages.



Here I was using Autocad for detailed plans, Elevations
and Sections, photoshop for applying colour, Archicad for quick 3d views,
acrobat for compiling everything into…

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