Live location-based data with Anker

Some of the most critical data for Digital Construction are location based. In my neck of the woods many call it Control Zones. Some use Work Packages, and I have heard or terms like Project, Work or Element Breakdown Structure.

Whatever the name or logic, it usually splits one entire model in smaller pieces based on where elements are. These follow a contractors work process, and makes it much easier for them to focus on what’s important now.

At the same time, this data often breaks in projects and causes confusion and conflict. I think this is because Architects and Engineers don’t have access to solid, scalable and user-friendly tools that create and update the data live in their own BIM workflows.

Our solution to this is one that every single one of the design teams we are working with are using.

In this video I show how it works on a small sample project, and also how you can use Tables to visually quality assure the data across multiple Revit sessions, which I get too excited about.

Want to give it a try? Then comment below, send me a DM or head over to and click the buttons.

If you do, Anker Enigma Erik Heggstad and I will show you how you can eliminate these types of conflicts without having to think about it.