Swissbau 2024

On Monday afternoon I received a message from my friend Sven Amiet asking whether I'd be going to Swissbau 2024. I has some sense it was happening this year (it happens every other one), but I hadn't realised it was this week already.

In any case I checked my meeting schedule – and found that I didn't have anything important – and decided to head across to Basel on Tuesday morning.Basel train station

It’s always impressive to arrive at Basel’s Messeplatz by tram. The last time I’d been here was for Swissbau 2020 (I skipped the one held 2 years ago).

Basel s Messeplatz

It s a signOnce inside I quickly got my bearings by climbing some stairs.From above

It’s a trade show, after all, but the odd plant pot did help soften the atmosphere.

Access to nature

I’m a sucker for a DeLorean, like most people my age (I suspect).

Back to the Future

I had no idea what it was doing on the show floor, mind.


From searching the web, it seems to be an art exhibit by Beni Bischof that's a statement about humanity's impact on the planet.FrontI hadn’t made much by way of plans, but…

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