You’ll Love Being Part of AUGI


If you're like me, always digging around for ways to up your game in the design world, you've probably heard of AUGI. But if you haven't joined yet, you're missing out, big time. Let me break down why being part of AUGI is a game-changer, especially with the cool perks like the Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). Trust me, it's worth a read.

Join the Club – The Largest CAD & BIM Global Community

Imagine having a coffee with someone in Paris, lunch with another in New York, and picking the brain of someone in Tokyo, all from your desk. That's AUGI for you – a network of pros CAD & BIM products including SolidWorks, Bentley not just Autodesk just waiting to share tips, tricks, and tales. Got a tricky design problem? Someone in this AUGI community has the answer. This is a community by users for users.

Learning Stuff That Matters
Forget boring manuals and online help systems. AUGI hooks you up with learning resources that are actually fun and useful. Think cool articles, podcasts…

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