AEC Hackathon Zurich Edition 2024

As I mentioned last week, on Friday I headed across to this year’s AEC Hackathon Zurich Edition in the city of Winterthur, about 2 hours from my home.

ZHAW in Winterthur

The event was held in one of the buildings on the ZHAW campus.

Walking to the AEC Hackathon

The space was fantastic: an old factory that was once used to maintain trains (it’s just next to the train tracks going through Winterthur).All set for a weekend of hacking

I was only able to come for the first evening of the weekend's event, as I had a prior personal commitment during the rest of the weekend.Welcome to the AEC Hackathon Zurich

Friday had a number of talks focused on the use of open source in the AEC industry. One of these talks was given by Tom Van Mele, who I’ve known for many years through his work at the Block Research Group at ETH Zurich.

Tom and Romana presenting

Tom talked about some of the projects developed using the BRG’s open source technology, which included the NEST building in Dübendorf.NEST and other projects

Later on in the evening was the official opening of the AEC Hackathon. My old friend Damon Hernandes – who I've now known for a decade,…

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