AECO Mobile Device Usage – The BIMsider

Have you ever wondered what mobile device usage is like in the AECO? For an upcoming presentation I’m doing, this exact question came up. I found some data online and in some older AECO and ConTech reports I had, but nothing for 2024.

When I couldn’t find any current data, I did what all good AECO folks do and went to LinkedIn and X for some help!

For the next 7 days after that post, 52 great people heeded the call and filled out my Google form so I could have some current data. The Google form had 8 questions, and the raw response data is below. But before we get to the data, I thought I would share my thoughts on it.

Some of the data was what I had expected, I mean it’s 2024 so it’s not surprising that 98.1% of AECO folks are using some form of mobile device for their workflow. it also wasn’t a surprise to me that most people who are using company devices keep them with them all the time. With that being said it also made sense that there…

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