Intersecting VASA’s visibility cones with the surroundings inside Forma

This week I’m up in the mountains with my family. It’s my younger children’s winter half-term break, but as I do have a few meetings to attend during the week I decided to only take half days off: snowboarding in the morning and working in the afternoons.

I found some time between meetings to work on the VASA inside Forma prototype. My goal for the week was to have the visibility cones displayed for our proposal building – something we saw in the last few posts – intersect with the surrounding geometry, whether other buildings or greenery of some kind.

A visibilty cone

Ultimately the goal is to be able to assess views from a building. Here you can see the voxels that were “hit” by the above visibility cone.

Where it intersects with the surroundings

To make this work I had to make sure the “Intersect” method was exposed via WebAssembly and working properly. When I first started looking at it I was convinced it wasn’t working: whatever I did I couldn’t get an intersection between the visibility cone and the surrounding…

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