Mexico: Sun Snorkels and Smiles

Isla Mujeres Mexico

So, while there was some navigating of the chaos due to canceled flights and last-minute changes due to weather and Boeing Max 900 issues— we made it to Mexico for a week and returned. We needed the sun-soaked beaches and underwater adventures to recharge our batteries and kick-off 2024 properly.
Our choice this adventure was the small 4 mile long and barely 1500 feet wide island of Isla Mujeres located just off the coast from Cancun Mexico, but it felt a world away from the Cancun craziness. We chose to stay in a couple locations and not one was a resort or fancy place including one hostel. We traveled and packed like college students with only backpacks and no checked luggage and like most on the island rented a golf cart for 2 days.


The beaches did not disappoint It’s like time just stops, and you’re living in a snapshot of paradise. We snorkeled a lot, saw some colorful fish, and basically turned into beach bums—sand, sun, surf, and the occasional siesta.
Some water…

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