It’s an amazing
thing that I can wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about
the past, reach out one hand, and enter this time-tunnel. Currently this
consists of about 700gb of data stored in “the cloud” wherever that
is. Multiple synchronised locations I guess.

Certainly I have several local wormholes with different
form factors. One at least is a fairly complete clone, but the one in my hand
as I thumb-type this is just an index, full of “on-demand”
hyperlinks. Such things were unimaginable in 1980, when I was illustrating a
book called “Squatting : the real story”

One of my illustrations depicted a terrace of derelict
houses in South London which had been occupied by a group of mostly young
people who went about adapting it to their various needs. Living a fantasy life
on a shoestring budget. Such things were not uncommon in the 70s in many cities
across Europe.

I’m still pretty proud of this drawing. I think I did a
first draft in pencil, then overlaid a…

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