Tech Tip for International Travelers with iPhones: Floating Time for Your Calendar

Traveling internationally is an adventure, it can turn your carefully planned calendar into a chaotic mess with all the time zone changes. Have you ever shown up to a virtual meeting only to realize you’re hours early or late? Yeah, me too. I have stumbled upon a nifty little feature called “Floating Time” after my recent trip to Mexico and my calendar was a mess.This Floating time zone may become your best friend when traveling and you want 8am on your calendar to be 8am on your calendar no matter where you are..

Don’t get too excited, there’s a small catch – you can’t set this up directly on your iPhone (Why Apple???). You’ll need to use your desktop or iCloud via a web browser. But it’s worth the extra step.

Step 1: The Setup

Fire up your laptop or computer and head over to Log in with your Apple ID – the one you always need to remember the password for. Argh

Step 2: Launch the Control Center

Once you’re in, click on the Calendar icon.

Step 3: Floating Time

Click on…

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