Axonometric crop region | Parametric Monkey

For a healthcare project, it is often necessary to create a 3D axonometric view per room when creating a room data sheet. As previously shown, this process can be automated using our Axonometric from room Dynamo tool, which enables the user to define the view orientation – NE, SE, SW or NW – and then generate a 3D axonometric (orthographic) view based on the bounding box of the room. But sometimes, it isn’t obvious which is the best orientation before running the graph, and the view orientation needs to be updated after the view has been created.

Axonometric from Room - After
Axonometric from room with Dynamo Player

The problem

While it is possible to quickly and easily change the view orientation using Revit’s in-built view cube, the problem is that the view’s crop region also needs to be updated. This adjustment is required to ensure that the full extents are visible and that the crop region is not excessively large to cause alignment issues when placed on a sheet. The process…

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