Create multi-category schedules | Parametric Monkey

When creating a room data sheet, say for a healthcare project, it is often necessary to create a multi-category schedule that reports only the elements in the room. Within Revit, there are two ways to achieve this. Both, however, are either problematic or time-consuming. This tutorial explores an alternative approach that automates the process using Dynamo.

The problem

Pre-Revit 2023

Until Revit 2022, the only way to have a schedule return only the elements in the room was to assign a filter. However, this method has two significant drawbacks. The first issue is that multiple schedules are required, one for each room, each with a unique filter. For example, one schedule must filter elements where the Room Number equals “101”, while another must filter elements where the Room Number equals “102”. The second issue is that, like any other view in Revit, schedules must have a unique View Name, meaning each schedule must be renamed manually.

Schedule Properties

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