Revit 2024 and Dynamo tutorial – Secant/Contiguous piled wall creation

In this tutorial we look at the process and scripting to facilitate piled wall systems with Dynamo. Many projects require piled walls to enable deep basements and water retention. Secant piled walls and interconnecting piles which alternate between hard and soft piles. The soft piles are normally installed first, and the reinforced hard piles are then cut into the soft piles.

We begin by creating two family types for the hard and soft piles. The hard piles will need to be installed at each vertex or corner of the piled wall system.

Creating the pile family

We begin by creating a new family using the ‘Metric Structural Foundation.rft’ or the imperial version ‘Structural Foundation.rft ‘if you require the pile in imperial units.

Once you have created the new family you will need to ensure that the following built-in parameters are configured correctly.

  1. On the Create tab in the Properties panel select the Family Category and Parameter tool as shown…

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