Setting up a Revit Site Model-Commentary

Setting up a site model needs to be setup as soon as you receive a Site Survey. Now that I’m back to working on Revit projects this is a subject that I’ve been researching for the last couple of weeks, to be able to write a proper process for the firm I work for. Five years ago I wrote this process for the government client I had been working for, so I hadn’t had to think of the process since for that client we had set up a master site plane that all of their new building acquire the coordinates from.

To wrap my head around the concept again, I’ve watched video from, BIM Pure, BIM Lounge, Aussie BIM Guru, BIMandbeam as well as a few others. I encourage you to look into their videos.

All of these videos started with receiving the site survey and cleaning it up before bring it into Revit, which means saving as a separate file first. Because surveyors put things out in the middle of nowhere in their Cad file I totally agree with this process. BIM lounge said to start a new file and copy…

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