Using VASA with Forma via Dynamo

I’ve been talking quite a bit about our use of VASA inside Forma via our WebAssembly build of the toolkit (which is still not currently available publicly). I’ve done quite a lot of work to improve that particular prototype and I’m happy to say it’s shaping up nicely: the UX is much better than it was, for instance.

The latest VASA in Forma prototype extension

I’ll be talking about our work on this at an upcoming Autodesk-internal tech conference, and as part of the preparation for this I’ve spent a few days building a pure Dynamo equivalent of the extension. VASA’s Dynamo package is available in the Dynamo Package Manager – which means it can be used in the various Dynamo environments, whether standalone or integrated with Revit, Civil 3D or Forma. This means it can be used today by Forma customers wanting to implement custom voxel-based analysis workflows.

Here’s a high-level view of the current state of the “VASA in Forma” Dynamo graph:

The Dynamo graphThe graph pulls down geometry from Forma and analyses it using…

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