AEC Industry Panel at AUGI CON24



I’m leading a panel on AEC Industry Software at AUGI CON 2024 on the 2nd day. This 90-minute panel is not aimed at marketing or sales pitches, nor will it be a debate. Instead, it is designed to be an informative and engaging 90-minute discussion that highlights various perspectives and experiences from industry experts and software developers.
Our goal is to provide our live audience, primarily AEC software users, with valuable insights into the evolution of AEC software, its current challenges, innovative solutions, and a look into what the future holds.To ensure the session is as enriching and informative as possible, we are assembling a group of panelists (AEC Software, AEC Startups, and AEC Industry Experts) who can contribute unique viewpoints on these topics. Note: I tried to get panel members from more Bentley, Nemetschek, and Trimble but unfortunately didn't get a response.

Confirmed Panelists


Evan Troxel Director at TRXL and AEC industry Expert / Architect /…

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