Revit 2025 – New Structural Features and Updates

It is that time of the year once again to review the latest new features, updates, and improvements to Autodesk Revit! Over the years, Autodesk have slowly added greater functionality to the rebar modelling and detailing tools. In this release we see the introduction of rebar splicing (laps) which has been greatly anticipated. Improvements to the analytical model are also showcased including improved analytical automation and robust methods of editing and controlling the model. We also see the steel detailing journey continuing in Revit 2025 with the ability to use the split tool on fabrication elements.

In order to understand some of these new features we will look ahead into the future of Revit and how these new and improved tools will help deliver the vision of structural BIM for the future!

Reinforcement and detailing

The most significant feature in this release is Splice Rebar. The toolset to produce rebar laps and splices, are very intuitive to use, and…

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