RevitCat: BIM History – Rucaps User Group Newsletter

Although this blog is mostly about my trials and tribulations with Revit, my experience with BIM software started many years before Revit was even dreamed of.  There have been many forerunners to the current crop of BIM programs, and I had the privilege of working with two of them, which I would like to talk about lest they become forgotten in the mists of BIM history.  

The term BIM is an acronym for Building Information Modeling – that means creating a 3D geometric model that has non-geometric data attached to it.  Of course any BIM program needs to have meaningful ways of representing and extracting information, such as drawings, visualisations, schedules etc.

I also worked with quite a few 3D modeling programs (Computervision, Caddsman, Sketchup, Mac Perspective, MicroStation etc) – but they lacked meaningful “information” as part of the model.  I did try to use “Triforma” (The BIM version of MicroStation), but gave up on that and resorted to using MicroStation as a…

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