DynaWorks is here!! The Navisworks library for Dynamo

As some of you might be aware I have been working on a Dynamo library for Navisworks, if not then you’ll be pleased to learn I have been working on a Dynamo library for Navisworks 🙂

If you want an idea what the heck it does go HERE to see it in action.

This was actually in an almost production form a couple of months ago, however until very recently you couldn’t bring .dll files into Dynamo. When zero touch came out this made it possible, however you missed out on a number of documentation features, Dynamo wouldn’t remember the library and so on.

So initially my bad monkeys that I had testing this stuff had to hack apart their Dynamo builds….. This is not a good idea hence why the beta was shared with a couple of people only.

However the Dynamo team started working on it from that point with a couple of others and within 2 months, they have gotten Dynamo to a version where we can share and access such programs without any hacks.

This just goes to show how well opensource can work…
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