Dynamo to C# Revit Macros #1 : QR Code Generator

I am gradually learning to code learning C#, and by that I mean windows console applications. Where everyone else starts… As in the hello world and what door would you like to open and win a car sorts of applications. The Bob Tabor videos are helping a lot and I even picked up a Microsoft Step by Step book which is helping out a lot. I intend to post some of my own successes later, but this blog post is directly focused on a collaborative effort towards “Where ideas come from” and how to make these said ideas better.
  [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NugRZGDbPFU] 
Video share credit to Fausto Mendez and, of course, Steven Johnson 

The story begins back in 2014 where I met my friend and colleague Fausto Mendez, at Autodesk University. As I stood in line anxiously, the morning of my first A.U, I met Fausto at the front board. He was standing there prior to me which surprised me because I was so damn early, due to excitement, that I thought I would be the first one there. Through networking and communicating with Fausto. I found out that he was an experienced coder, and he was all about hacking things. I was impressed with everything he was saying, but was very naive to the full scope of what he was actually coding or what he actually did with all this coding knowledge. I found out things of similarity about his job compared to mine and how he was essentially applying everything I wanted to apply to plumbing and heating, but towards the electrical profession. As…
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