This is my first attempt at a slightly different format for my posts.  The aim is to group the “stuff about buildings” and the “stuff about Revit” into two parts.  Readers who don’t use the software can skip the second part.  Software addicts who don’t see the value in my musings of “the way we build” can focus on the “tips and tricks”.  Hopefully most of you will gain a clearer picture of the synergy between these two aspects of my work.  The starting point today is one of Palladio’s lesser known Villas.


According to the pictures on the web, this is still a semi-derelict villa.  Most of the stucco has fallen off, and there are flowers growing out of the joints in the brick steps leading up to the front porch.  It seems that the villa hasn’t had the happiest of histories.  Palladio was modifying an existing structure for Gazotti who had to sell it on to a Mr Grimani before it was finished in order to solve his cash flow problems.  Perhaps he was trying a little too hard…

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