Autodesk is hiring an evangelist of Revit API & BIM web services in Shanghai or Beijing!

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of Foge & ADN team of Autodesk in Shanghai or Beijing, China. We are a global team, providing consulting services to worldwide developers & partners of Autodesk. We are running two programs: Autodesk Developer Network (ADN) and Autodesk Forge. The former is mainly for APIs of traditional desktop products, the second is for the brand new web services.

We are evangelizing Autodesk API & web services, help Autodesk partners to find the right technologies, assist them to make things differently, more successful and be consistent developing in the eco-system of Autodesk. This will positively impact Autodesk’s business. You will provide technical assistance including application designing, customizing, trouble shooting, writing samples, training and mentoring etc.

Autodesk has a breadth software across designing, visualizing, collaborating, making and using etc. We have transited to the cloud and is providing APIs through those cloud-based services. We are looking for someone to provide evangelistic API support for Revit, and we also hope to find someone excited by the world in the cloud.

Those who work or study abroad and want to pursue their career in China are also welcome! (mandarin is required)..

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