Revit Electrical Equipment with 2 Feeds

This is possible through having 2 electrical connectors on the electrical equipment family.  Each connector can then be connected to the appropriate electrical system and show the same load.

I will use the Automatic Transfer Switch.rfa family provided with Revit only to illustrate the additional connector.  Since the  OOTB family has one electrical connector versus the 2 connectors needed to work in this way, I have added a second electrical connector to the family.

Open the family and use the Electrical Connector command from the Connectors panel of the Create tab.  Place the connector on the family.

While it is always good practice to have parameters in the family that control the parameters of the connector, it is essential in this scenario to make sure both circuits have the exact same load and electrical settings.  This is done by selecting the button to the far right of the parameter (encircled in the screenshot) in the connector’s Properties palette and selecting the desired family parameter in the Associate Family Parameter dialog box.

It is also good practice to give the connector a name so that it is easy to understand the purpose of the connector when adding it to a circuit.  In the illustration, I gave the 2nd connector a Connector Description of “Secondary Power“.  I also gave the other original connector a Connector Description of “Primary Power” since Autodesk did not give it a name…

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