In the previous post I made an appeal for anyone who knew how to hide polygon edges to shout up.  Many thanks to Fred and Arthur for the very rapid response.  Seems I should have done a web search 🙂  Anyway, there is a nice video here      LINK        and a written description here    LINK.

I’m a complete novice when it comes to 3d Max, but I managed to work this one out and created a couple of plumbing families from some Bagno CAD files I had downloaded.  I was quite pleased with this and talked to two of our visualisers for a couple of extra tips on the interface before tackling some Fritz Hansen furniture.

I posted about this long back, but at that stage I was stuck with the mesh edges.  LINK.  So let me take you through the process with a conference chair range called Oxford.
Drag the CAD file in (import) and place it.  Set the Visual Style to Clay (my preference, you can see the geometry clearly).  Click on the little modify symbol (top right, like a rainbow in a box) It should say “Editable Mesh” in the box below.  Then click on the open red triangle in the next box down (Edge)  Now you are selecting edges so put a window around everything.

Next scroll down to the bottom of this panel and click on “Invisible” Nothing seems to happen, but if you now change to wireframe the edges will ghost out.  Click on empty space to deselect and they disappear altogether, so go back to “clay” so you can see the faces and select objects…

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