No More Lunch and Learns

I see it all over the place, and you might have it happening at your firm. Need to do some Revit training? Let’s have a Lunch and Learn! It’s great. Everyone brings their own food, and someone sits down with a laptop and projector and goes over some good tidbits about Revit. What could go wrong?

I obviously have a beef with this training format. I 100% believe that consistent in person training one way or another is critical for continued success with BIM projects and Revit specifically. For some reason, Revit (and other software) training gets relegated to happen over lunch time. This has to stop.

Sticking a training session during lunch tells the attendees two things: first that what you are about to learn isn’t important enough for a firm to spend time on it, and the second is that if you have to miss it, go ahead and miss it.

It is not uncommon for a production person to spend 5 or more hours a day in Revit. Having an hour long “come together” session once a month, or even every other week should not be too much to expect. The time invested in training is important, and learning how to use Revit effectively is crucial. Having to try to learn in between bites of sandwiches and growling stomachs lessens the perceived importance of what is being taught. The time necessary for two hours a month for training is negligible and tells the users that this is important enough to have a “real” meeting for it…

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