That’d be cool – Corridor DREF

We were chatting about this the other day and thought it would be a good blog post to drive some discussion. Let me know what you think!

Question: If I could DREF a corridor, how might I change my production workflows?

  1. I’d be able to let my entire team access the corridor without risk of them accidentally editing or breaking the model. Example, if I DREF the corridor, someone else on the team can use it to extract feature lines and solids, build surfaces, create sections without any risk to the corridor integrity.
  2. We could now make smaller, more efficient section sheets and production deliverables. Instead of creating section sheets in the source corridor drawing or attaching the corridor drawing as an XREF, I could DREF the corridor and whatever else I need to create section sheets that are clean and efficient.
  3. We could have multiple team members leveraging the same corridor at the same time. For example, one person can be editing the source corridor while someone else is referencing the corridor to create surfaces or when designing drainage networks.
  4. It’d give me a better environment to visualize my proposed roadway. Example, I can quickly DREF the corridor in a nice clean drawing and then use tools like the Drive command to navigate the model without having to monkey with (technical term) layer visibility. It’s also a more efficient place for me to perform various corridor analytics…

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