Udemy Pricing Change

Udemy announced yesterday that they are simplifying their pricing and promotional strategy. This is mostly a positive change, since their constant discounts are discouraging for the instructors and confusing for students, however they are also implementing a $50 cap on all course list prices.

Apparently 90% of their sales occur at or below this $50 threshold, so they have decided to limit all of their courses to this price. Needless to say, this is quite frustrating for instructors such as myself who cannot afford to price our courses so low. But we seem to only have two options: either allow our courses to be capped at $50 or disable (unpublish) them from the Udemy platform.

If you are currently enrolled in my course, do not worry. Unpublishing a course only prevents new students from purchasing (and enrolling) in the course. If you have already purchased the course, you will still be able to continue accessing the course and all of its content, even after it has been unpublished.

If you are considering purchasing the course, you also do not need to worry. I am currently investigating alternative platforms (such as Teachable) for my course. And the pricing of the course will not be affected by this move..

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