A360 Collaboration for Revit Tool File Accessibility

Our firm has been utilizing The Collaboration for Revit Tool for some time now. Although this may seem like a common sense sort of tip, I thought it would be worth pointing out that the A360 Cloud folders are accessible through your file browser under the “A360” button/folder. In the past we would download a copy of the hosted model and continue publishing new versions of the model over the existing one on A360. This is not necessary. I repeat not necessary. We knew it was bad practice in general, but with the concern for overwriting files, or corrupting files we took this original approach as a precautionary method. Our new method, the correct way, is to use the A360 folder structure that is easily accessible through the file browser. This makes accessing Revit Collaboration files easier, less of a hassle downloading repetitive files, and also ensures you understand the right way to use the Revit Collaboration Tool.

I’m sure others have been curios; therefore, I thought I would share this quick little tip/suggestion for the proper use of the tool!

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