Building Design Suite 2017

Well it’s guess it’s officially, last night I got my licence notification that the Building Design Suite’s for 2017 are available. Last week at the 505 BIM Users Group it was mentioned that Revit 2017 was available, and I was like what really, cool. In looking at the Building design suite I’m happy to see that Autodesk didn’t take any programs away from us like they did in the previous suite.The 2017 version did change all of the icon’s for the programs again though.
One changes that Autodesk has made this year with the licensing is the fact that from the Autodesk Website that allows you to manage all of your Autodesk software there is a button to click that allows you to generate your own license file for network licenses instead of waiting a day or two for Autodesk personnel to generate and send the license file.
Revit 2017 update
This year it looks like Autodesk and done a lot of big and little updates. I’m not going to go through them today, but if you want to read about them you…

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