AutoCAD Find and replace text

Find and replace texts in your CAD File. no need to enter edit each one of them
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. Well, first of all, hi everyone. It’s been almost a year since I posted. My current job doesn’t bringing me so many new insights on CAD or BIM tricks lately, so unfortunately, I am a bit dry on new tricks. Nevertheless I still have to draft in CADevery now and then and so I lately discover this little basic trick that was very useful for a last minute change without a lot of pain.
We were about to send a set of drawings to the Millworker for quoting a job and last minute,”the boss” said, change grom Viroc to Valchromat, I told you I wanted to use Valchromat. Ok, so last minute and all the notes in all the Milwork elements needed to be changed. There were abotu 20 different elements with many notes each that needed changing, so I decided I 10 minute search was worth the effort to save maybe 30 minutes of manually changing texts. And it did pay off quickly.
Can’t remember now…
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