Project Soane has been woefully neglected so far this year.  I had hoped to keep my momentum going, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way.  Not enough hours in the day, or days in the week.  But I have managed to put in a little work over the past 2 weekends, tackling the North West extension that completed the territorial expansion of the bank.

The new build of the NW Extension is colour coded green.  The Pink areas towards the bottom left are parts of the building that predate Soane.  And bottom right, outlined in cyan is the corner of the NE Extension , basically the original junction between Princes Street and Lothbury.  One result of the NW Extension is that Princes St gets straightened out so that it meets Lothbury further along at Tivoli Corner.  The Lothbury facade gets doubled up, mirrored about a hinge point indicated by the asterisk here.

The mirrored copy of the Bullion Gate becomes the soldiers gate (small arrow to the right) which gives access to the Barracks (B) …

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