A Little Dash of IT Magic for Deployments

The nature of deployments means that they will most likely end up on a network server somewhere. But for one reason or another, you might not want to just dive in and create those deployments right on the server: you could be running out of space, you might be testing out a new configuration, or it’s often just a good idea to test these things out first anyway.

Two assumptions with this trick. First, you are using the Autodesk Deployment tools with your software. Secondly, you are going to be deploying from a mapped drive (that has its own potential issues, but it’s a very common practice).

I like to be able to have my cake and eat it too. In this case, that means creating a test deployment in a sandbox, but being able to use it for my final deployment if it works. Let’s say we want to make our deployments on the network L: drive. Being good software folks, we don’t want to create our deployments on that drive directly. It’s easy to disconnect the drive, but how do you convince…

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