Ammo: Point Analysis with Revit and Dynamo

First of all, congratulations to the Dynamo team on the 1.0.0 release. Long awaited, but the work is still in progress according to Zach Kron:

The Dev team has also made some changes to the node names. Old definition with the old nodes will be “translated” into the new ones automatically, but it won’t update inside code blocks so please be aware of the following changes:

Secondly, check out the Prorubim packages right now. I mean right now.. The creator of this collection of packages is Aleksey Lobanov, which some of you already know have created the neat little Dyno addin. In the Prorubim DS Common Kit you’ll find the small, but not insignificant GetVar and SetVar nodes which will take any of the standard Dynamo inputs and store it as a kind of a global variable for you to use elsewhere on the canvas. Nice!
Sadly it doesn’t work with lists or code block inputs as of yet, but I…
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