Ask Me Anything at next weeks Autodesk Answer Day

One year ago Autodesk held our first ever Answer Day for people to get answers regarding the use of AutoCAD (and its APIs). While I didn’t participate in the original event, myself, I was pleased to see a new approach being tried for connecting users of our products with the people who create them.

You can think of these Answer Days as a kind of AMA for Autodesk software. The original event paved the way for several others and all have proven to be worthwhile: not just for Autodesk customers struggling with frustrating probems but for the Autodesk employees who help them.

Based on the success of these product-specific Answer Days, on Wednesday of next week (May 18th, 2016) we’ll be holding our first “Big Bang” Answer Day covering multiple products. Autodesk employees from various departments will be on hand to answer your questions in the following forums from 6am to 6pm Pacific Time:

I’ll be answering questions posted to the AutoCAD API forums (primarily the .NET

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