Convert Sloped Floors to Slab Shapes

Working with Slab Shape Floors in Revit can be a tedious process. There are two options for creating sloping Floors: use a Slope Arrow for a single slope across the entire Floor or convert the Floor to a Slab Shape and modify its points and edges. Unfortunately, there is no way to combine these two methods in the Revit UI.

Ideally, you would be able to start with a Floor, give it a single slope, and then convert it into a Slab Shape. But of course, this is possible with the Revit API and can even be done with Dynamo.

To demonstrate this process, I created a zigzag-shaped Floor with a Slope of -10%.


And I added Spot Elevations at all of the corners (so you can clearly see what is happening with the slope).


The Dynamo definition requires a couple of CSV nodes from Landform and the ever-useful Floor.SlabeShapeByPoints from Clockwork. It is fairly simple to set up, but it does require two runs to work. On the first run it will collect the points from the sloped floor, write…

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