Building bots over the long weekend

It’s a very welcome long weekend, here in Switzerland, and as the weather’s a little brisk I decided to spend at least part of it building robots. Not the kind of robots you’d expect to see on Pier 9, but the kind of robots sold by our friends at LEGO: two different sets I’ve received as gifts in recent months. So here’s a picture of the Mindstorms EV3RSTORM (Christmas) alongside WALL•E (birthday).


Unfortunately I don’t much rate WALL•E’s chances of coming out unscathed from the above encounter: after all, who’s ever heard of the plant being mightier that the twirling blades of death?

I’m looking forward to doing something a bit more fun with the Mindstorms EV3 set: there seem to be a lot of opportunities to do interesting things with this system, and I can see it has a lot of potential as a prototyping tool for the IoT-related projects I’m involved in. If anyone out there has some thoughts on cool EV3 projects relating to IoT, please post a comment!

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