Keynote Manager 14

A couple of weeks ago now Keynote manager version 14 has been released. Keynote manger 14 is Revit 2017 compatible. In the past I’ve talked about Keynote manager it’s a great tool for writing and organizing Keynotes for Revit projects.One of the things that 14 does is that it has the ability to use another service that Revolution Design offers. As of 2016 Revolution Design allows you to host your keynote file on the Cloud.

Those of you that use Revit keynote files may ask why would anyone want to put their keynote file on the Cloud? The answer that that question is Autodesk’s Collaboration for Revit or more commonly known as C4R. With C4R the central file for the Revit project is on the cloud. Currently C4R allows you to link Autocad files that are the Autodesk Cloud (A360 Team) but that is the only file. By using Revolution Design’s could service you begin to fil the gap Autodesk has with C4R. I’m guessing Autodesk will fix this issue someday. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it…

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