Build Earth Live is organizing a collaborative BIM competition on the newest hyperloop concept

Global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc, performs as the sponsor of the collaborative BIM competition that will start on Monday 23, 2016 at noon ET and complete on May 25, 2016 at noon ET. The designers from all over the world are welcomed to develop a plan for connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi with the help of latest hyperloop concept. The theme of the competition is how new technology is reforming construction. All the participating teams have to coordinate with them to perform collaborative work with the use of building information modeling (BIM) technology. The event will specifically focus on the design of station terminuses inside the context of two global cities.

It is titled as the eighth collaborative BIM competition organized by Build Earth Live to spread out the concept of cloud-based working, international advancements in interoperability and public access to the design process.

The participating teams will be able to utilize any interoperable technology…

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