Google Cardboard VR at the Forge DevCon

My friend and colleague on the ADN team, Lisa Senauke, helped get a bunch of special-branded VR viewers for the upcoming Forge DevCon. If you’re coming along and don’t get one from attending my class, be sure to swing by the exhibit hall and pick one up. This is the latest “Google Cardboard”-style device from our friends at DODOcase and should even fit 6” smartphones (a problem with the previous generation).

They look really cool, even if I do say so myself (I spent a few wild hours inside PhotoShop to create the layout, believe it or not). A big thanks to Lisa for making this happen and for sending over the below photos for me to check out ahead of the event.

Here’s a view of the box from the front:

Front of the box

And from the back:

Back of the box

And finally the unfolded innards:



I’ll do what I can to snag a few to bring back and – at some point – do some kind of giveaway for readers of this blog. I can’t guarantee everyone will get one, so the best thing to do is to come along…

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