At the end of the first stage of Project Soane I had grand plans to create a “Design Report” booklet as my submission for stage 2 (the Rendering Competition)  This was going to be somewhat along the lines of the Desert Pumpkin thing that I did, but since I don’t really do high end rendering I planned to collaborate with some of the rendering guys in our office.  My contribution would be the narrative, the images recording my journey of discovery, and the “construction drawings” appendix that would be part of the booklet.

The whole project was pretty much still born, because I lost a lot of momentum and got interested in other things for a while.  Recently I picked up on modelling the Bank again, and have made some good progress, but I’m not really that close to having a set of construction drawings and I haven’t succeeded in inspiring any collaborators on the rendering side.  Realistically I am probably a year away from being ready to hand over my model to a rendering team, at…

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